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Lady Kathryn Jenkins
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So far here's our list of stuff to bring:

Sunshade (though we will have to get our current poles to fit the small shade)

Tables and chairs- we have the shire large tables and several folding chairs we can bring

Bring books from the Shire library

Bring medieval games

Bring extension cords and fans (we do have access to electricity)

Bring medieval music and cd player

Bring Shire banner to hang on shade

Bring loaner garb to display- plus it blocks the sun :)

Any spare drinking coolers would be very helpful!

What else should we bring?



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Lord Eysteinn meinfretr
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I can bring my wooden chairs. I have three (the fourth somehow lost the base). I also think we should have a table of A&S projects.

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Yzabeau Du Chesne
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Man, I just can't quite figure this site out.  I posted something to the A & S discussion and it said I timed out.  FRUSTRATING!  I'll try again here!  I am hoping to get up there Friday the 26th.  It will be tight, since we are leaving the next day or Sunday for Oshkosh.  Shall I bring my wheel?  Kumihimo forms?  Recorders and music to accompany myself?  I also recently made a sekanjabin recipe with strawberries.  I had tasted this drink at "Playing With Fire" moot.  YUMMY.  Is someone making it with blueberries (very fitting) or strawberries?  I could bring some up in a large drink cooler to add to the mix. 

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Lady Kathryn Jenkins
Posts: 5

Any drink coolers are welcome! And we could conceivably throw frozen blueberries into the sekanjabin....yum.....

Yes to the spinning and kumihimo, probably no to the recorder simply due to festival noise levels.

...and I can't seem to convince the forum I have a profile picture, so I understand!


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