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Lady Kathryn Jenkins
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Here's what I was thinking for A&S displays:

Beading- Heidi


Cooking-Heidi (basically bringing the cast iron and talking about campfire cooking)

Woodworking- Dan?

Leatherworking- Dan?

Viking wire weaving- Liz?

Illumination- Liz?


Chainmail- Bob?

Anything else that anyone could bring?


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Lord Eysteinn meinfretr
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I don't have supplies for wire weaving at this time. I have book binding stuff and illumination stuff. If someone knows how to use a lucet, I have two. I also have woodburning projects I can bring.

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Bob needs a better name
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I can bring my dispaly shirt and coif, whenever I happen to show up.

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So far the weather looks like it is going to be pretty good. A high of 75 that day, partly cloudy with only a 10% chance of rain.



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