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Lady Kathryn Jenkins
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Shire of SkerjastrondBusiness Meeting Agenda June 2, 20132:00PMI.     Call to order

II.     Roll call

III.     Approval of minutes from last meeting

IV.      Open issues

a)   Future event plans

·        Over The River (June 29th) – Cooking will beginon Friday the 28th, we have booked the little house at the QuinnMotel. Some crash space is available.

·        Fourth of July parade- we are not yet signed up,entry fee is $35. Is this ok? We need to plan! Whose truck are we decoratingand how do we want to decorate?

·        Warriors and Warlords aka Dub Dub (July 11th-13th)

·        Blueberry Festival (Friday July 26th)- Shire will buy disposable pie tins andpie crust ingredients, Heidi will make blueberry tarts to recoup $50 booth fee.Also possibly sell Sekanjabin- easy recipe and we can make syrup ahead of time.Need people to volunteer to bring demo displays, plus setup and manning thebooth.

·        Art on the Rocks (Saturday July 27th)-Possible Demo?

·        Ishpeming Renn Fair (August 3rd) – Liz hasinformation!

We will set up Friday night, CJ has volunteered for overnight duty, who else iscamping?

We need to recruit Theran for the fighting demonstrations.

Our two  living history exhibits will bea cooking demonstration and a fashion show!

·        Fall Fest at NMU ( August 26th)- Heidi will staffthe booth since Dan has to go to class, but any help would be nice!

·        Norway Viking Days (Last year October 13)

·        Applefest in Bayfield WI (Oct 4-6) Darkstone mayrequest help

·        Escanaba Maritime Festival- July 13th..conflictswith Dub Dub.

·        Escanaba Sesquicentennial Festival July 5th-14th-Opening parade Friday July 5th @ 6:30, theme is The Way We Were. Bonus:someone's truck will have been decorated for July 4th...

·        Not much going on in Iron Mountain that we couldparticipate in...most festivals conflict with events already planned or it'snot something where we could fit in. Iron Mountain crew, any suggestions?

b)   Storage

·        Liz Roberts- Where is the $25 per month storagethat you found?

·        Snowmobile Club storage is not a possibility.

·        Gypsy wagon- Would double as storage and sinceit’s mobile, it could haul the shire stuff around. Will look into possibilitiesbut this is not in the near future since money will be tied up with Coronation.Initial response was enthusiastic but we will need to pull together as a groupto build this! However, if anyone knows where they can get a freetrailer...that’s a start!

c)    Purchase of new items

·        Free standing list field- Place, Date, and timeto make it

·        Stand for Shire banner

·        Heather can make a carrying case for the Shiretent, we will reimburse her for material costs up to $35. 

d)   Group Photo-Liz, do you have more info on the photographer? We should get thisscheduled!

e)    HeraldryDay- The Lion room at PeterWhite library is booked for July 6th from noon till four so we canwork on names and devices. Will combine this with the business meeting so wedon’t tie up our entire weekend with meetings!

f)      A&S Day-Next A&S is June 16th! What do we want to do andwhere should we do it? Alternatively, we can turn this into a Shire CraftingDay to make stuff to sell at the Renn Fest?

g)     Summer FighterPractice- Presque Isle every 2nd Sunday, where shall wehave it June 23rd?

h)     Coronationupdates-  From Dan and Heather

i)       Officeremails- These are in the process of being created and if you are anofficer, I'll get yours to you. They are formatted "[email protected]".All passwords MUST be shared with the webminister!

j)      Fundraisingideas

AmazonAssociates- still in processing, not approved yet

Charityonline mall (iGive,com, still in processing, not approved yet

BlueberryFestival Friday July 26th (Craft ideas- small illuminations, leatherworking,wooden amulets)


V.      New business

a)     Contactlist- I would like everyone’s phone numbers just in case Ineed to get ahold of you! This will remain in the seneschal’s file only;however, if you would like your number shared with the group, I will definitelypublish a list.

VI.     Meeting schedule for theSpring

         June 9th PI Fighting, June16th A&S, June 23rd Fighting, July 7th Business, July 21stA&S, August 4th Business, August 18th A&S

VII.     Officer Reports

VIII.     Adjournment


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